Sessions occur in 60 minute blocks of time in person, by phone, or remotely. Clients can clarify the desire for intuitive counseling or a combination of modalities. Interventions listed below typically become blended together in each session for a holistic approach depending on the needs and intentions of the client. Stand alone Spiritual Healing Sessions are available in hour time blocks. 

Psycho-spiritual Counseling/Psychotherapy

Counseling is a short-term, problem-solving approach to transforming current struggles. Psychotherapy involves the exploration of the causative nature of our issues, blockages, patterns, etc. typically rooted in childhood and reinforced throughout life. At Pathways to Inner Peace, psycho-therapeutic interventions are combined with meditation, centering, spiritual counseling, and intuitive healing based on the intentions of the client. Everyone is unique and treated as such. Frequently, clients find that working with inner child ego states is instrumental in facilitating lasting effects. The combination of intuitive work and spiritual insight with psycho-therapeutic interventions makes sessions holistic.  Intuitive information typically aids in drawing attention toward particular hidden child ego states, assisting clients in the discovery, understanding, and release of old limiting belief systems, error perception, and soul memories in their archaeology, connecting past to present for transformation and growth.

Intuitive Spiritual Energy Healing

Intuitive healing includes the invitation of Angels, guides, spirit, and Higher Self for the purpose of uncovering and healing blockages occurring as error perceptions, soul memory, and belief systems that lead to mental, emotional, and/or physical "dis-ease" states. Intuition is the energy of Divine Source working through each of us, providing guidance. Intuitive information comes in multiple forms including images, thoughts, and feelings, which offer an understanding and removal of individual's blockages. The accompanying source of these blockages, lodged in unconscious archaeology of this life-time or past lives, plays out in current situations, emotions, thoughts, and belief systems. By bringing this information to the conscious mind to be observed and subsequently experienced, it gives opportunity for release and transformation through sharing, surrendering, raising consciousness, and/or a transmission of spiritual energy. Frequently, the thoughts, emotions, and held beliefs that don't serve us dissolve or fracture so that release is felt without reliving any past turmoil or trauma. Most importantly, blockages then can be accepted as opportunity for growth, seen and claimed as personal gifts. Individuals experience a lightness in mood and overall energy, space for peace, a deep shift in consciousness, and lasting transformation.

Spiritual Counseling

Spirituality is a highly personal journey, for everyone walks life's path inward to know our connection to Source, Divine Nature, All-that-is, Gaia, (whatever we desire, however we label He/She/It)in their own way, in their own time. Non-denominational spiritual counseling comes through many avenues that entail first, an exploration of each person's beliefs. Teachings of Sacred Garden Fellowship, A Course in Miracles, A Course of Love, and The Pathwork to Self-Transformation offer points of discussion  to assist in individual's journeys.


Centering and meditation are offered in sessions as tools cultivated for self use or as part of various treatment interventions. Clients can begin each session with a guided or silent meditation. Once comfortable, this opening process becomes self-guided and serves as a tool that can be used outside of sessions for greater understanding, cultivation of peace, stress reduction, and spiritual development. More information may be found by visiting the Group page.

Please contact Adriene via the Contact page if you are interested in booking individual meditation instruction or a workshop for your group or business.