Recorded Guided Meditations for Journeys 

Hello Courageous Ones!

Below you'll find recordings for the guided meditations throughout the five volumes of The Soul-Discovery Journalbook. Each meditation can be downloaded to your computer for your convenience. No musical backgrounds were used in these guided meditations, which enables you to choose just the recording or adding background melodies that best suit you. Playing music to accompany these guided meditations can enhance your experience, but that must be determined by each person. Explore options that fit your unique tastes and needs. 
Some music uploads have been added below to begin your discovery along with an article that can aid your selection. Multiple MP3's can be played at the same time on this site should you decide to use the music provided here along with the meditation recording.

Enjoy and many blessings on your path!

Here's an article that discusses choosing meditation music.

Music by Martijin de Boer - (NiGiD - ccMixter)

Nocturnal Improvisations.mp3

Cathedral Steps.mp3

Flowers for the Loved.mp3

Walk in the Park.mp3

Recorded Guided Meditations

Volume I: A Single Step

01 Centering.mp3

Volume II: Constant Companions

02 Baby's Breath.mp3

Volume II: Constant Companions (continued)

03 Sitting in Stillness 1.mp3

04 Sitting in Stillness 2.mp3

05 Sitting in Stillness 3.mp3

06 Sitting in Stillness 4.mp3

07 Higher Self.mp3

Volume III: Metaphysical Musings

08 Higher Vision.mp3

09 Totem.mp3

Volume IV: A Deeper Gaze

10 Letting Go.mp3

11 Ho-oponopono.mp3

Volume V: Hip Boots and Waders

12 Neverland.mp3

14 Forgiveness.mp3

13 Exploring Feelings.mp3

15 Requests.mp3