Adriene Nicastro, M.S.

Healer, Psycho-spiritual therapist, Ordained Minister, Teacher,         and Award Winning Author

Motivated by a desire to help individuals overcome trauma, I began my work in 1991 at Hahnemann University through a graduate program in Group Psychotherapy and Group Process. 

After 11 years working with a wide range of children and adults that were faced with extremely challenging circumstances, I began torealize the limitations of the techniques I spent so much time learning and sharpening.Frustrated and disenchanted with the mental health system, I thought that I left my dream, never to return. But between the diapers and pacifiers, I began reading more literature outside the typical fringes of Western psychology and dove into spiritual and metaphysical teachings. Life challenges bring many opportunities and mine brought me more fully on my spiritual path. While these challenges were terrifying and painful, they have become amazing gifts and in their midst I found that I was called to do treatment again, but in a more profound and deeply impacting way. The original love I had to truly help another see their own divinity had never diminished. Instead I had just found the tools that were always present for each of us, but out of awareness. Many changes in 2008 brought me to Sacred Garden Fellowship (SGF) under tutelage of Rev. Penny Donovan and Don Gilbert, MSW. Through each group I have been invited to learn healing, to heal myself, and to grow personally and spiritually through teachings of many channeled Masters and inspirational teachers.  I also learned to develop my intuitive skills, integrating this new knowledge with my psycho-therapeutic skills to provide a holistic, mind- body-Spirit approach and in 2018, I finally became a Certified Spiritual Energy Healer and an Ordained Minister of Spiritual Energy Healing. 

I believe that the work I that I do is a privilege and a gift. Providing the tools and guidance to help individuals and groups transform difficulties through psycho-spiritual work is inspirational and highly rewarding. Personal growth, embracing responsibility, finding peace, and living more wholeheartedly is what I endeavor to extend to others.