"Adriene taught me some effective techniques to slow down my light speed thinking and all the noise in my brain so that my soul could regain its rightful control over my life." ~Michele
 "Adriene's classes and one-on-one sessions have been truly amazing! Through her work and counseling, she has helped me to find peace, contentment, and happiness during some very turbulent and painful times. After years of traditional therapy, I continued to feel that something was missing and was searching for another way to effectively face and overcome life's challenges. I was fortunate enough to meet Adriene through her work with Penn State HRDC courses and then continue our work on an individual basis. Through her sessions I have learned extremely valuable tools to navigate and manage life's ups and downs, to heal myself, and to grow spiritually." ~Christine

 " I have known Adriene for less than 4 years, but we came together at a point in both of our lives when we were ready to heal and grow spiritually. I was drawn to her because of her openness and self-awareness. She then led a small group of spiritual travelers with the study and application of the principles for the book, " The Pathwork of Self-Transformation" by Eva Pierrakos. Her skill in helping each of us uncover and face our deepest fears was very helpful for both me and my wife. I recommend her to anyone who is ready to heal and grow spiritually."   - Jack Lee-Civalier   Rensselaer, NY   

" I attended a class led by Adriene on the principles of the book, "The Pathwork of Self-Transformation" by Eva Peirrakos.  Throuhg her soul searching techniques she helped me to recognize and unblock one of the issues I have had for over 20 years, resentment.  Since doing so, I am so much happier. I no longer hold onto old resentments that kept me from enjoying everyday life, for that I will be forever grateful. Thank you Adriene!! " - Carolyn

"My first encounter with Adriene was through a Penn State HRDC course - Discover the Relaxation Within. At that time, I didn't have a firm grasp on the amount of stress I had in my life and how it was impacting my physical, mental and spiritual self. Since then, through meditation, Adriene has helped me find my center and clarify my being. I can't describe in words the feeling of well-being that envelopes me during and after our meetings. I hope to continue my connection with Adriene, not only in the present, but well into the future . . . no matter our physical location."  - Shelly

  "When I started this class (Daily Steps to Mindfulness- Health Matters PSU), I felt like a mess, like I had no control over my life. I was struggling with the aftereffects of Lyme Disease and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and needed to find a way to cope. The class reinforced some principles I was already familiar with from practicing yoga, taught me new principles, and provided a space where I could explore mindfulness without feeling judged. Everyone in the class was open-minded and just inherently kind; I felt comfortable, which is not something I can say about a lot of group settings. I loved this class and the people in it, and plan to continue participating as long as I can; it has made such a difference for my stress, spirituality, and sense of community. Would recommend forever." - Jen Kach

Regarding Journaling: A Path of Transformation and Growth

" Not at all what I expected and worth every minute of my time." -Anonymous

"This workshop was helpful in getting me past whatever it has been that has kept me from journaling and I really appreciate it." -Anonymous

" I found the workshop to be extremely beneficial in breaking through writing blocks. Adriene was warm and helpful." -A.T.

" The journaling workshop was helpful in returning me to the effect that writing can be another vehicle to access thoughts to be able to work on them." - C.B.

" The journaling workshop was very helpful in sorting out and understanding issues that hold you back. It gave me the confidence to trust myself and express my feelings in writing." - Linda