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The Soul-Discovery Journalbook: An Intimate Journey into Self is an interdependent five book series dedicated to progressively move deeper within to unearth the layers and aspects of your soul. If you desire to become acquainted with yourself and the world in a new way that honors your strengths and helps transform your shadow side, The Soul-Discovery Journalbook illuminates this path and offers companionship for your journey as part of the life adventure to embrace your true Self.

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The Soul-Discovery Journalbook: Volumes I - V

$ 77 USD

Purchase all five volumes of The Soul-Discovery Journalbook: An Intimate Journey into Self. Save nearly 20% buying the set vs. the collective single purchase price! Gain an opportunity to be able to actively cross-reference materials as you navigate each volume. Cost includes taxes and S/H for the full series: Volume I: A Single Step, Volume II: Constant Companions, Volume III: Metaphysical Musings, Volume IV: A Deeper Gaze, and Volume V: Hip Boots and Waders.

Volume I: A Single Step

$ 18 USD

Embark on a journey into you! The Soul-Discovery Journalbook guides you along a unique path of learning and understanding to transform life's challenges into valuable gifts. Through reading, journaling, guided meditation, and experiential exercises, this adventure fills your backpack with supplies and tools to light the way, nurture growth, explore life, and discover the facets of Self. Through Volume I: A Single Step, learn to call on Divine Helpers, set a sacred space, clarify intent, center, meditate, as well as begin to discover your inner landscape. This price includes taxes and S/H fees.

Volume II: Constant Companions

$ 18 USD

The second part of The Soul-Discovery Journalbook, the next leg of your path, dives into practices designed for lifelong exploration and use. The treasured and practical tools within this volume facilitate soul-discovery through the mindfulness practices of quieting the mind, creating affirmations, using breathwork, and many, many more. You will also find ways to stay centered, grateful, and present in your day-to-day living, as well as catch your shadow side in action so you can embrace the beauty in life that is inherently yours! Cost includes taxes and S/H.

Volume III: Metaphysical Musings

$ 21 USD

You're well on your way and nearing the midpoint of The Soul-Discovery Journalbook! Welcome to Volume III, the third part of this interdependent five book series that moves progressively deeper within to unearth layers and aspects of your soul. This volume holds foundational metaphysical and psycho-spiritual teachings - precious tools for your evolution and intimate embrace of Self. Lessons include the study of energy, consciousness, spiritual-energetic protection, karma, totem guides, and many more. Each chapter offers a deeper understanding of ourselves and the world while providing additional gear for navigating challenges today, tomorrow, and in the years to come. Cost includes S/H.

Volume IV: A Deeper Gaze

$ 18 USD

You're deep in the forest and covering important ground in The Soul-Discovery Journalbook. Welcome to A Deeper Gaze, the fourth part of this interdependent five book series that moves progressively deeper within. Volume IV, a guide through your subterranean and multi-layered landscape, uncovers the well-worn patterns and old beliefs that hold you back from living in Union with all of life. Discover valuable tools and put them into practice to release attachments, explore dreams, clarify boundaries, offer forgiveness, give self-acceptance, and more as you witness the panorama of self and Self. Cost includes S/H.

Volume V: Hip Boots and Waders

$ 19 USD

The concluding threads of a beautiful tapestry are revealed in this final volume of The Soul-Discovery Journalbook. Welcome to Hip Boots and Waders, the fifth volume of this interdependent five book series that unearths layers and aspects of your soul while facilitating personal and spiritual growth. Within these pages, you will meet your inner child, gain new perspectives on drama, address old hurts, learn about influential messages, explore the power of belief, and more. This volume continues to travel the deeper waters of soul-discovery, the lifelong journey of coming to know and embrace your Self. Cost includes S/H.