Pathways to Inner Peace

Adriene Nicastro-Santos, M.S.

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Talk at the Center for Contemporary Mysticism in Philadelphia, PA
 Workshop May 20
Retreat June 22-24
Spiritual Seekers May 20

Like the ginkgo leaf that symbolizes vitality, resilience, peace, and faith, we grow through these four aspects, which are the very fiber of our being. As Spirit living an earth adventure, we can transform our challenges through personal journeys of faith, love, perseverance, and dedication, ultimately cultivating a lasting peace. Every life experience presents opportunities for metamorphosis, as we accept and release the parts of our personality that no longer serve us. Receiving and giving love without fear, releasing our anger, sadness, and contempt, thinking with centeredness, and appreciating the journey of this life to graciously accept all of our lessons as gifts - this is the deep integration process of psycho-spiritual healing.
Adriene holds intuitively guided sessions in order to assist individuals in healing traumas, removing blockages, gaining a greater understanding of life lessons, and clarifying belief systems and their origins. With each session as individual as the person, she navigates clients through their archaeology so they may heal the unconscious forces in their personality while grounding sessions in spiritual teachings.  

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