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Spiritual Healing: A Brief Glance

Posted by Adriene Nicastro-Santos on Saturday, November 18, 2017 Under: Spirituality

Spiritual Healing: A Brief Glance

by Adriene Nicastro-Santos

After many years of self-development and internal work to release the long-held pain of past traumas, I found myself still struggling. Something in traditional psychotherapy and classical introspection wasn't doing the trick. Something was missing. That was when I began to seriously study spiritual teachings and receive spiritual healing.

Now, mainstream healing trends are often relegated to a trip to the doctor and a prescription of little blue pills. The broader context of healing, in truth, encompasses so much more. Anything that helps us is healing, including our belief in healing itself (what science calls the placebo effect and spirituality calls faith).

When we arrive in the realm of 'spiritual healing', many  people decide to get off the bus and wave a pleasant, but skeptical goodbye.  So what is this illusive practice, steeped in mystery and shrouded for many in magic? Spiritual healing has a variety of avenues, from the laying on of hands, darshan, and shamanic ceremonies, to name a few. It is a gentle, peaceful process meant to hold those receiving in unconditional love. It is experiencing the crest of the mountain, a celebration of our holy nature, a witness to the Divine within another and ourselves.

Spiritual healing is sometimes very subtle, like a gentle rain that washes away the dust and debris with such care we barely notice. At other times, it's as though we witnessed the sun in all it's glory and radiance for the first time. What prepares us for such powerful transformation is the shedding of limiting beliefs...the beliefs that block us from receiving that which is divinely inspired. That is to say, self-development, serious introspection, counseling, and therapy, can open our mind and heart by helping us shed the hurts that keep us in a confined consciousness. Inner work can serve to prepare us for spiritual healing and spiritual healing can prepare us for more inner work and deeper healing.

The energetic component of spiritual healing happens as a channeling of divine energy through the healer, a conduit to the receiver. Witnessing the healee as the embodiment of Spirit in union with God, beyond all limitations, calls forth the perfection in which we all were created. The healing energy harkens to the light within to burn brightly to shine away pain on any level. Spiritual healing addresses all levels of our being - physical, mental, and emotional. As such, it enables us to heal whatever form our difficulties take, returning us to the Truth in which we were created. 

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