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Constant Evolution

Posted by Adriene Nicastro-Santos on Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Constant Evolution

by Adriene Nicastro-Santos

     Those of you who spend time with me in group or other venues have witnessed the struggle and profound lessons of the past months. On this journey of spiritual growth, witnessing the challenges of those who appear as our teachers can be frightening. But if we are a student of The Course in Miracles or A Course of Love, we know that teachers and students are relative terms. At times we clearly are one, at times the other, but always uncovering and becoming aware of exactly what is for our highest and best. 
     Sometimes a notion that the group facilitator or teacher should not be in a place to face challenges is what besets us, bringing the thoughts and worries about what's in store in our own future. Others may find relief that they are not alone in experiencing life's lessons.
     After so many years of study, I think I was surprised to find myself in a place of still getting to know Cosmic Force. And much like so many other lessons, I was not aware of how disconnected I felt from it until I emerged on the other side of the experience. How could it be that I felt like this? Well, we all create expectations, constructs, and superimposed belief systems on everything from times past. Cosmic Force, Universal Power, God is not exempt from this. In fact, God and our beliefs about God are reflected in everything we experience...everything. It would seem that all experiences are merely a silhouette or pale shadow of our experiences of God. 
     My current lessons profoundly reminded me that God is in everything, from the smallest molecule to the biggest building. Anything made of natural substances contains that Cosmic Energy. That which is man-made also contains the God-energy of it's creator. And we are all creators. How wondrous, varied, and colorful the faces of God. From the plants, the trees, and the animals...all have Cosmic Energy that we can interact with and collaborate with in a magical, intricate dance. And just when we are having a little row with our partner or conversation with ourselves, God is witness experiencing life through us as us. We are never, ever truly alone or without.

Many blessings on your path,

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